[Review] $18 Brazilian Waxing At La Belle Skin via Deal.com.sg

Ever since my pampering previous de-fuzzing experience at Love De Beauteous, I felt that I should give waxing another go. However, I was on a tight budget and thus, returning to Love De Beauteous or even going to Strip was out of the question. So what’s a broke girl gonna do? I turned to Deal.com.sg in search of a bargain. And there it was, at the top of the search results. S$18 for Brazilian waxing.


I don’t usually buy services from Deal.com.sg, because you can’t expect much customer service and there are the possibilities of hidden charges too.  The last time I did, it ended up in a bad experience at Bella Luna Spa. So you could probably tell that I was really on that tight a budget to actually think it was a good idea to buy a brazilian waxing deal online. But with Asher’s birthday party coming up and having just blew a few hundred bucks on his present alone, I was as broke as hell.


I scanned through the conditions and it looked legit enough. The deal page also showed the interior of the place, which was nicely furnished. So I was thinking to myself, how bad could it be. I made a call and they had a slot available for me the next day. Perfect!

La Belle3_0

Upon reaching La Belle, I was given a cup of tea and told to fill up a form which was standard procedure for most beauty salons. Next, the therapist guided me to the treatment room. Then I was asked if I had my own feminine wipes. No? You could purchase a sheet from them at just S$3. Daylight robbery for a piece of wet tissue. But then again, $18+$3 = S$21 for brazilian waxing. So $3 was still acceptable if you view it as a whole. Though I wished they provided them for free like Strip does or at least were transparent about it on their T&C on the deal page.

Next, I changed into their gown and as I lay down, I wondered if I had made the right decision. The therapist didn’t seem very pleased by the bush that had grown within the past 1.5 months since my last session. And she asked if I would be interested in laser hair removal to which I politely declined. The rest of the session proceeded without much chatter. Unlike the previous 2 places I had waxing done at, the therapist would inform me before she pulls the wax off. Because it helps lessen the pain when you take a deep breath prior to the strip being removed. None of this happened at La Belle though occasionally, she would communicate with me via eye contact.

Thankfully, I felt minimal pain either because I had incredibly high pain threshold or she was skillful enough except for the few misses where she did not manage to pull off the entire wax strip during the first attempt. But overall, I have to give her credit that the pain factor was low.

She then asked if I was keen in doing a whitening treatment (U.P $120 or something but available to Deal customers at just S$38) to minimize pores, even out skin tone and whitened the area down south. Told her I wasn’t keen since I was no porn star and I won’t need a perfect-looking vagina to flash around. Just kidding, I kept the last part to myself. Anyway, she looked kinda disappointed when I rejected her offer.  She then told me that we were done and left me to get changed.

20140902_143214 (2)-2

To my horror, I realized that the therapist had left without clearing the waxing sticks and wax residue on the bed, in between my legs. She did tell me to be careful while getting down the bed. I’m not sure if this is the norm in other places, however both Strip & Love De Beauteous cleared everything from the bed once my session was done. Anyway, for $21 I could tolerate that.

But here’s the REALLY sucky part, I don’t know what kind of wax they used but I left with a very sticky bottom. So much so that it felt like there was glue on my panties. After some inspection at home, I realized that she had missed out some sections totally. And no, she did not even do any tweezing for me. (Another norm at other places)

To think she even had the cheek to ask if I was interested in a package of 5 brazilian waxing + whitening treatment at just $250. $50 a session was cheaper than most places, however, with service like that, I think I’d rather top up $ and go elsewhere.

So folks, this is what $18+3 (sheet of wet wipe) entails you if you intend on getting a cheapo brazilian wax at La Belle Skin. Seriously, just spend more and return to your trusted therapist or make do with a shaver if you are broke. I’ve learnt my lesson the hard and sticky way.

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7 thoughts on “[Review] $18 Brazilian Waxing At La Belle Skin via Deal.com.sg

  1. They are really unprofessional! They made me pay $10 for the feminine wipes. Never came across such service before. and the lady was hard selling some permanent hair removal which will require me to pay and additional 68$. and to sign on a package of 8-12sessions for 980$. She went on and on about it and was reluctant to start until I kept rejecting her. horrendous.

  2. This is the worst place! And the voucher said its worth like a $s 100+?! Seriously with that service even if they offer it free i wouldnt recommend this horrifying place! They asked me to pay $12 for the stupid wipes! I have my own but they told me that that’s not the one…so i was thinking maybe what they’re saying is different but when i saw the &12 worth of wipes it’s the same as my wipes! Ggrrrr! And then the staff’s focus is to sell something and not the waxing! I told them that the wax is super hot but they said that it really should be like that?! I told her i’ve been doing brazilian wax for d longest time and believe me the wax from where i usually do this is not like that! No powder! No pressing of the skin after! Wah! Literally the worst place! Sad part is after the session i still have like a few strands of hair there…really not worth even a single dollar who is the owner of this place i really want to complain this shit

  3. Omg. I should have read this before going! They are truly as terrible as you said. The procedure was unnecessarily long and painful. Jacqueline did it for me and she’s terrible. Don’t ever go to this place!!!

    • So it isn’t just me, They are really terrible. So far, there’s 4 of us, paying customers who are not satisfied with their service. I can’t recall the name of my therapist but Jacqueline sounds familiar…

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