Plastic Surgery Can Be Life Changing

Sadly despite getting more common nowadays, there is still social stigma when it comes to plastic surgery. Those who undergo cosmetic surgery mainly due to vanity reasons are often condemned by even their own family and friends. However, if a surgical makeover could improve one’s quality of life then why should we not respect the individual’s choice?

Take for example, Soyoung Moon who unfortunately was born with a an old lady’s face despite being only 29 years old. For years, she suffered shame and ridicule, had no social life nor friends.

Her whole world turned around when she was offered an all-expenses paid for makeover surgery by the reality show “Let Me In”. Just look at the drastic difference in the before and after photo shown above.

Like Sonyoung, many women are turning to plastic surgery as a solution to improve their lives. Some have lived in shame, bullied for years by peers just because they did not look beautiful. Thus, resulting in low self-esteem and a lack of confidence. Some had it so bad that at one point of their life, they actually harbored suicidal thoughts.


It is a harsh fact that beauty gets you ahead in life and this has been proven by several studies. Good-looking people tend to be viewed as nice people. They have higher chances of clinching a job, earning a better wage and having more friends.


There are additional perks such as discounts because the salesman seems smitten, free drinks at the bar to even strangers stopping to offer a lift when you are waiting for a cab or just waiting to cross the road. In short, people treat you better just because you are good-looking!


I know it is kind of sad that we live in such a shallow and superficial world, moulded by the media’s definition of beauty. However, such is the harsh reality of life. And if some tweaking here and there could help boost your self-confidence and make life much better, then why not? Isn’t this not the same reason why women go for manicures or get their hair done.


And should you be thinking of getting something done but not sure where to begin, do check out Aesthetics Hub for more information.

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