Oh, Hello September!

OMG, I can’t believe that it is already September. We are reaching the end of Q3 and it is mere 4 months away from a new year. Time flies once you grow old and have babies. :( On a lighter note, it would be a month and a week before Asher turns 2! I can’t wait to throw him another birthday party.


Looking back, it has been 11 months since I left the world of steady pay checks for uncharted waters. I have amazed myself especially with my money-managing skills, given how I now only have a pittance as compared to before. Dear hubs pays for most of the household and gives me some cash now and then (without me asking and I’m thankful for that) of which I never spend but save up instead.

I still manage my own bills which includes my mobile, credit cards, insurance premiums (including a few policies that are for Asher) and occasional shopping (which are mostly for Asher too). So you could say that I am still very much financially-independent. Maybe one day I should dedicate a blog entry on how I have managed to survive on cheap deals.

Anyway, I’m thankful that I’ve come this far, it has been a wonderful learning experience which I never regretted. And it won’t have been possible without support from the family. I feel very blessed. I know I usually end the monthly reflections entry with a ‘Please Be Good To Me’ image but this time round. Let’s try something different.


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