Crazy Stuff Which Celebrities Do For Beauty

Sometimes, it seems as though celebrities are super mortals that happen to have all the superior genes because they look so good (almost) all the time. However, a lot of effort goes into keeping that image.


Wanna know what crazy stuff these celebrities do just to look the way they do?

Celebrities sometimes go to the extreme when it comes to staying in shape. Megan Fox claims to keep her hot and sexy figure by staying away from carbs. Adriana Lima, super gorgeous Victoria Secret’s model, goes on a liquid diet nine days before a show, drinking only protein shakes daily. Then, she stops drinking entirely 12 hours before the show. So that is how she managed to look so good on the runway! Wow, it sure calls for some tough discipline. But more ridiculous is the air diet which Madonna adopts.┬áThe French concept of breatharianism states that air alone can keep our bodies active. This strange diet consists of sitting in front of food, placing a piece onto a fork and holding it up to your mouth but not eating it at all. Instead, you are to have water and salt soup only.


And when it comes to beauty, expect things to get even more strange. Forget snail facials, bird poop facial are the latest beauty treatment now, popularized by celebrities such as Tom Cruise and Victoria Beckham. Apparently, this is facial treatment is said to have great exfoliating and whitening properties. And if that is not weird enough, check this out, Snooki swears by kitty litter as an exfoliating treat. Yikes!


Celebrities also happen to have some bizarre habits too. Take Katy Perry for example, she is so obsessed with brushing her teeth too often, that she even has 20 toothbrushes on hand. Perhaps that’s the secret behind her sparkly pearly whites?

Honestly, I won’t encourage you to try any of the crazy stuff mentioned above. Because I know for sure that I won’t be happy avoid carbs totally or just pretend eating. And there is no way snails, bird poop or kitten litter is going anywhere near my face, no matter what.

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