[Tutorial] Shark Feeding Box

It’s shark week on Discovery channel and there’s no better way to celebrate it with some shark related activities. There are lots online but I decided to go with this one by Toddler Approved. I did some modifications according to my preference and would like to share it with you :)


I first introduced the shark to Asher when he was 18 months old with this book by Nat Geo Kids. Since then, he has been able to identify sharks both real and illustrated ones whenever he sees them on TV or print.

So here’s how I made my shark box. I decided to use a Charles & Keith paper bag as my shark skin because it was a shark grey. I was too lazy to paint so sticking this on a piece of cardboard was a great time-saving option.


I cut out a mouth for the shark and did not let it go to waste. Simply turn it over and cut teeth into it. As you can see from the photo above, it goes well with the shark’s head. Instead of cutting out fish shapes from colored paper, I decided to just print them. I found this great fish cut-out template from Projects¬†for Preschoolers. I had them customized using Photoshop so that we had a set of colored fish with the color names on it. And also a set of alphabet fishes with the alphabets in red while the vowels were in blue (Taking a cue from Montessori’s letter coloring)


I also placed a TROFAST box (you can get this from Ikea) behind the shark’s head so that the fishes he “fed” would be collected in the box. This is the very same box which we use as a light box (tutorial for that coming up on next week!)

There are so many activities you can come up with this shark head cut-out and the alphabet and color labelled fishes. Just let your imagination run wild!

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