Food Tasting @ Sakae Sushi

When you mention Sakae Sushi, it brings back memories of my schooling days where hanging out at the restaurant for their popular tea-time buffet was a weekly affair. Inspired by flavours around the world, Sakae Sushi has revamped their menu with a local twist, where diners can expect over 120 new tantalising selections.


So I got invited to a food tasting at the Orchard Gateway branch and was pretty surprised by some of the dishes. Let’s start with the appetizers.



The first dish I tried was the Sakae Zensai which is a trio of cold appetizers. I didn’t get to try the smocked duck wrapped in cucumber and spinach but I think it was the highlight of the dish. Whereas the salmon tataki was pretty normal. The second appetizer was the Gobo no Kari Age which is actually finely cut Burdock Root strips, said to be rich in anti-oxidants and healing properties. I found it slightly bitter but with an addictive crunch. My favorite among these three would be the last dish which is the Trio Carpaccio which reminded me of Yu Sheng. The light tangy sauce compete with tiny bits of tomatoes was a perfect combination for the Hokkaido scallop, tuna and salmon.


These subsequent sushi dishes continued to stimulate my palate. This time round, it was a tough call to select a favorite. In fact, I pretty much enjoyed all 3 dishes. The dish on the top photo is the Sake Mentai Combo. A combination of Hokkaido Scallop, Swordfish, Salmon and Smoked Duck is seared to perfection with a topping of mayonnaise and creamy cod fish roe that simply melts in your mouth. I would definitely order this dish when I’m back at Sakae Sushi again. Next up, is the Aburi Foie Gras Sushi , simple sushi dish comprising of rice with foie gras topping that melts in your mouth. Its appearance may not be that fanciful or appetizing but hold your judgement till you taste it. The Premium Makimono was a delightful play of flavors with mangoes, strawberries and creamy avocado, a must-try for Vegetarian fans.


Next, I got to sample the all time favorite sides which includes Asari Sakamushi, a white clam dish in Japanese rice wine. I’m not much of a clam fan so this dish was just OK for me. Moving on, are the two dishes you can never go wrong with – Mixed Fry Katsu which is an assortment of five varieties of katsu such as scallop, prawns, chicken, oyster and pumpkin koroke. My favorite out of this mix would be the oyster and pumpkin koroke. While the Salmon Gindara is a unique combination of grilled cod fish over salmon, two of my favorite fish together, what more could I ask for? This is a must-try dish!


Last but not least, the Long Bean Otah & Otah Maki was a refreshing local combo which exceeded my expectation. When I found out that Sakae Sushi was incorporating Otah into their menu, I admit that I was initially skeptical about the taste. But clearly, they have outdone themselves! I prefer the Long Bean Otah over the Maki though. There is also a Otah Bibinba which I did not get to try but might the next time round.


I guess the main highlight of the dinner was the Yakimono Deluxe. This comprises of eight assorted char-grilled skewers of succulent king prawn with cod roe and mayonnaise sauce, salmon with swordfish and scallops with teriyaki glaze. My favorite was definitely the king prawn. I’m not much of a prawn person but this was too good to miss, in fact, I even got my hands dirty peeling it. I usually avoid prawns because I don’t want to peel, so you can tell how irresistible these prawns were!


These are some other dishes which I also tried that was not included in the food tasting list. The top photo would be fish roe shooters, assorted sushi (I forgot the exact name but it is located in the menu opposite the Sakae Mentai Combo) and then there is the


And there is no perfect way to end the evening without some chocolate fondue ice cream. We also got to try some Nama Matcha Ice Cream which tasted so heavenly. (not pictured)

Cucumber Melon Milk, Red Bean Melon Milk, Kyoto Geisha copy

Other than delicious desserts, you can also expect an assortment of milkshake floats. I got to try out the Oreo Banana Milk and loved it! If you are a banana milk lover or oreo fan then you must try it.

Banana Caramel Milk, Oreo Banana Milk, Azuki Matcha copy

Overall, it was a satisfying meal and I can’t wait to return for more. Do visit the Sakae Sushi website for  more information.

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