[Review] Pink Brazilian Waxing at Love de Beauteous

Temperatures have been rising lately and you might be tempted to spend the day soaking away in cool waters. But won’t it be a downer if you had unsightly hair poking out of your bikini bottom? How embarrassing! That’s why you should pay some attention to grooming the area down south.


So what is Brazilian waxing? It is the removal of all hair in the pelvic area, front and back, while sometimes leaving a thin strip of hair on the mons pubis. However, most ladies I know prefer it all off.


Enjoying a cup of hot tea before I begin

Love de Beauteous is a spa boutique that offers face, body and waxing services. And they offer 3 types of Brazilian waxing depending on your needs.

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Brazilian Waxing treatment (S$78, 1st trial special price S$50) that is just solely waxing.

White Brazilian Waxing treatment (S$98, 1st trial special price S$78) that includes a post-waxing whitening mask.

Pink Brazilian Waxing treatment (S$118, 1st trial special price S$98) that includes a soothing cold hammer treatment followed by a hydrating and whitening post-waxing mask.

After having not getting de-fuzz for the longest time professionally, I naturally opted for the Pink Brazilian Waxing treatment. And my therapist, LJ, also mentioned that this was the most popular choice among their customers too.


This is their treatment room, there’s a kimono for you to change out to. Once you are done, the therapist would lead you to the toilet to clean up.


Love the kimono!

After cleaning, it’s time to get down to the deed. I was pretty anxious since I had not been doing waxing on a regular basis and shaving have been known to cause the hair shaft to thicken and grow even more. However, LJ put my worries to ease and made me feel really comfortable. I had a great time chatting with her and learning more about the DOs and DON’Ts of down south grooming. Did you know that if you eat high-carb food items like bread and potatoes often, the hair grows faster and multiply due to the high nutrients it receives? Also, shaving is a big NO-NO because it irritates the hair shaft and causes dry skin and thicker regrowth. She also mentioned that it’s best to leave a minimum of 3 days gap before and after your menses if you want to have waxing done as the skin gets more sensitive as it approaches your monthly period. Useful tips, eh?

I’m surprised that I did really well during the treatment. Even for the most painful bit which is at the centre of the top of the pubic bone, it was just fairly painful for me. Let’s be honest, waxing will hurt but it is just minimal discomfort if you get a professional therapist. All thanks to LJ who prepped me for each portion by getting me to take a deep breath before she pulled the hard wax off.

Next is the part of the treatment which I was looking forward to, the cool hammer to soothe my now-baby smooth bare skin. Now I know why this is a popular choice among their customers, because it’s like having an ice-cream indulgence during a hot day. Then came the last step, a hydrating and whitening mask was placed for 15 minutes. It was interesting how my nether regions were being pampered like as though I was having a facial down below. The mask helps to moisturizes and brighten up the area since most of the dead skin have been removed through the waxing procedure.

2014-06-26 13.00.10

Having another hot cup of tea after I’m done

I would totally recommend the Pink Brazilian Waxing Treatment! I have had waxing done at a well-known waxing boutique before and they don’t even have this cool hammer treatment. So this is a MUST TRY at Love de Beauteous, 1st trial at only S$98 instead of S$118.

Love de Beauteous is located conveniently beside Braddell MRT exit A, at Blk 107, #01-260 Lorong 1 Toa Payoh Singapore 310107

Visit their Website | Facebook Page for more information

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