The Kebaya Dress

The kebaya is a tunic that is worn by women in South East Asia. But most would be more familiar with the kebaya dress, part of a Singapore icon thanks to the Singapore Airlines Stewardess, more affectionately known as The Singapore Girl.


Derived from the Arabic word kaba meaning “clothing” and introduced to Indonesia via the Portuguese language, the term kebaya has come to refer to a garment whose origins appear to be a blouse. (Source)

A beauty of the kebaya lies in its intricate and elaborate designs. Most of which the embellishments are painstakingly hand-sewn on and thus, demanding a hefty price tag.

Even celebrities like Lady Gaga can’t resist the lure of a gorgeous kebaya.

The kebaya has evolved constantly to keep up with the changing times of fashion. Designers are adding a breath of life into the traditional costume while still maintaining its roots.

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