Why You Should Stay Connected With The Best Womens’ Portal Online

Guess which women’s all in one portal I’m talking about? It’s none other than MY FAT POCKET, of course. Here are 5 top reasons why you should stay connected with MFP.

Information at your finger tips!


The My Fat Pocket website is like a library full of informative articles on topics which are close to our hearts. Head over to Beauty or Fashion for the latest trends and tips. Feeling bored? Fret not because the Gossip articles about celebrities or just plain bizarre stuff happening around the hood would have you returning for more.

The Resident Bloggers


My Fat Pocket connects you with the resident bloggers (not all are featured in the above photo) who share about their lives, beauty reviews, fashion tips and more!

Aesthetic Appeal


You get updates on the latest articles available over at sister site Aesthetics Hub which covers everything you needed to know to achieve the perfect face and body. Check up on the directory of clinics and doctors available. Articles range from beauty enchancing non-invasive treatments such as botox and fillers, anti-aging face lifts to plastic surgery.

Makes Friends & Share Tips

Connect with likeminded ladies online and chat about anything under the sun in the My Fat Pocket forum. You can participate in giveaways and win something or join a spree and get stuff at bargain. (Forum is under maintenance now but it would be back soon!)

Being Connected

By following/ liking My Fat Pocket through these various social media mediums, you need not worry about missing out on any news once they are hot out of the press oven.

Get connected with MFP now!

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