When Plastic Surgery Becomes An Obsession

With the media bombarding us with endless images of the supposed standards of beauty, it is no surprise that some women (and men) have turned to plastic surgery to achieve their ideals of the perfect look. And along the way, some get so obsessed with plastic surgery, that they end up looking far from good-looking. When I watch K-drama, I am in awe of how some of the Kpop stars still manage to look pretty natural despite the amount of work. While others are less fortunate and end up looking really PLASTIC.


How can such a taut-looking face be considered beautiful?

Everyone love pan asians and I’m one of those who secretly wishes that she looks pan-asian too. After all, it’s a very sought-after exotic look. Some take this obsession a step further by going for plastic surgery. Sadly, they all turn out looking the same; creepy and fake-looking. I recently saw a plastic-looking model who was pure chinese but underwent surgery to look eurasian. Her face was so frozen that when she spoke, there were these little unnatural lines that kept twitching at the corners of her upper lip. It’s sad because she used to look pretty before her obsession with surgery begun. 

Some pursue surgery with their ideals of the perfect features while there are those that spend hundreds of thousands just to look like their favorite stars. Toby Sheldon is one of them. Yet sadly, I don’t really see any resemblance between him and guess who?

Pre-surgery Toby looks better, in fact, there’s a hint of Matt Damon in that photo. But I guess he wasn’t much of a Matt fan. Now, he thinks he is Justin Bieber #2.

Unfortunately, I think he looks worse off than the Clark Kent wannabe. Another thing I don’t get is how these people are willing to spend so much money to spend on plastic surgery. Maybe they are really rich. I mean, $100K? I would save that in a heartbeat for a Asher’s university funds.

And as if that’s not bad enough, Toby Sheldon has teamed up with Jennifer Lawrence and Madonna “lookalikes” to come up with a music video. Where they (attempt to) sing and rap about their plastic surgeries and other stuff.

They look nothing like the celebrities they had splurged so much money to look like and they can’t sing either. This is just so sad.

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