Kpop Scandals & Juicy Gossips

I’m not much of a Kpop follower but if there’s juicy gossip to read about, why not? Just to share the 3 controversy scandals that tops my list.

#1 Seungri’s Sex Scandal

 Japanese tabloid Friday published bed photos and an account from a woman who claimed to have had a one night stand with the Big Bang idol while he was residing in the country working on some solo projects. The woman revealed that Seungri had a habit of choking her and being violent during sexual intercourse.

Also quoted in the magazine was the woman saying, “He ejaculated on my chest and just threw me a towel and didn’t even wipe [the semen]. He didn’t even kiss at all [during intercourse].

#2 SeeYa’s Nam Gyuri Boob Slip

When Nam Gyuri of the then-popular girl group SeeYa let her breast hang out during a vigorous 2006 performance of Beyonce’s “Crazy In Love,” the result was less dramatic than Janet Jackson’s infamous wardrobe malfunction from two years before. (In a way, the act was also less coy.) The nipple slip left Gyuri in tears and her name in the headlines for months. But the incident also served her better than Jackson’s did: Gyuri dramatically increased her public profile, cemented her status as  SeeYa’s main star and charted a path to becoming a successful actress.

#3 Bigbang’s G Dragon caught using marijuana

G Dragon tested positive for marijuana but it wasn’t his fault. According to GD, he accepted what he thought was a “strong cigarette” from a stranger at an after-party, and was just too drunk to realize that it was actually a blunt.

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