My Experience As Judge For Mrs Singapore 2014 Pageant (Prejudging)

I was invited to represent My Fat Pocket as one of the judges at the prejudging panel for Mrs Singapore and Classic Mrs Singapore 2014. This was a first for me and what an eye-opening experience it turned out to be.


Together with fellow MFP mummy blogger, the pretty Jessie, we made up part of the fifteen for the prejudging panel that would account for 50% of their total scorings. Jessie would also be one of the judges at the Finals that would be held on 10th May 2014.


The ladies had to do their own hair, makeup and gown selection. They were then judged based on their platform, poise & beauty, dress sense, communication skills and personality. Most of the Mrs Singapore contestants were mothers of two or three kids and in their thirties. Yet they still managed to maintain their figures and looks. One of the Classic Mrs Singapore had such good genes, her face was practically flawless and she was already in her mid fifties.


I used to think that pageants were just superficial events where only looks mattered. But the Mrs Singapore is different because it gave married, and even older women like grandmothers a chance to participate in a pageant. And with age, comes life experiences such as motherhood or for some others; it involved struggles with illnesses or abuse. Having emerged stronger from their ordeals, these women wanted to do more for the charities close to their heart. Some have been serving as volunteers in various charity organizations and hope to do more to return to the society. It’s the compassion that they had for the sick and underprivileged that touched me.

But the most heartwarming sharing came from the older contestants of the Classic Mrs Singapore pageant where you had to be fifty years old and above. One of my favorite questions to ask was “What is your biggest reward as a mother?” and there is no model answer but only touching responses which nearly made us tear. These aunties had kids who were grown up, in their teens or twenties. Hearing their stories about their children made me wonder what would mine be like in the future. And even though I couldn’t fully relate to them but yet there was this feeling of closeness due to the mutual understanding that we were all mothers.

Throughout the 5 hours of interviews, I listened to them talk about how they juggled a day job or running a business with their charity work and/or grassroots duties, as well as a family. They should rename this pageant as ‘Superwoman of the Year’! And to be honest, for a moment, it made me feel rather under accomplished because I am just a stay-home mother.


However, I realized that some women love their jobs and they function better in the society when they keep working, because they love doing what they do and it gives them a fulfilling purpose in life. Likewise, there are those like myself who do not mind forgoing a job to look after the kids or perhaps in my case, I love my boy way too much more than my previous job! And no matter which path a mother selects, it is a personal choice where there is no right or wrong. For me, right now, I just want to be there with him until the day I think it’s time to let go…

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