My Before 35 Bucket List #YOLO

I’m not much of an adventurous person and it sucks that I have only a few years left to fulfill this. Hmmm… It was a tough call picking out what I wanted to do before 35 but here it goes.


#1  Travel Alone– I honestly hope that someday I would be brave enough to go on a trip alone.

#2 Go To A Concert – I don’t like crowds but I would love to attend a Taylor Swift one.


#3 Host a Kick Ass Party – Force all my friends to turn up in costumes or they won’t get dessert.

#4 Do something CRAZY like maybe crash a party, wedding or some event and then have a good laugh about it afterwards.

#5 Visit the Bora Bora Islands. Period.

#6 Get a job, because I’m jobless now. Who knows, I might miss working by the time I’m gonna hit 35.

#7 Give up a bad habit , this is a tough one because which one should I pick?

#8 Conquer a fear – Be best friends with lizards. Maybe not.

#9 Dress up in full costume for Halloween for the last time and hit the clubs.

#10 Make peace – Stop looking back at the past, give up that grudge and look ahead.

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