Hello April, Please Be Good

Towards the end of March, things started going downhill for me. I felt awful even though it was way past my PMS. Despite having miraculously survived the past 6 months without a job, funds were running dry especially since I’d spent the first quarter of 2014 paying off insurance premiums. It was time to cut down on the expenses but I hope April won’t suck because of that. I have so many play dates and classes planned and these would cost moolah. Though, I’m proud (and probably egoistic) to say that I am still financially independent up to this very point.


Then we have my boy, an active toddler who would turn 18 months this April. He was driving me up the wall. Not that he was doing anything out of the ordinary, he was merely doing crazy stuff kids naturally did at this age, exploring the unknown and letting curiosity get the better of him. Like climbing up the washing machine or window grilles. While I on the other hand was running out of patience.

I knew I had to get him outdoors more often but the thought of travelling around without a car was terrible. I’m still trying to get used to lugging a pram up,with toddler and diaper bag in hand, up the stupid bus because they have this no opened up prams rule. The only time we get to use the car is when the daddy goes overseas and I get mixed feelings about it. Like we don’t like to see daddy go off but yet I’m secretly ecstatic about having the car to myself.

2014-03-26 11.23.15

Sometimes, I just feel overwhelmed. It wasn’t supposed to be like that. I was supposed to love and enjoy spending time with him. And yet, here I was stressing myself up over bills and the crayon doodles on the floor.

So April, please be good to me.

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