Coolest Library For Little Ones

I think I’d just found my favorite library of all times. I have been bringing Asher out so often, it is starting to burn a hole in my pocket. Indoor playgrounds, enrichment activities   and so on, all these cost money.

So when I found this Treetop section at the National Library at Bugis. It was like a dream come true, the place was done up nicely to resemble an enchanted forest which of course made Asher very excited. And there were books for 0-3 years of age available, which would have made this an education trip, not that he cared though.


The attraction of this library is probably the treehouse where storytelling activities are held. Asher had so much fun just going up and down the stairs. Occasionally stopping to dance around the treetop platform for some kicks. They even have these storytelling kiosks where children could have books read to them via the computer. This managed to get him to sit still and keep quiet for a moment.

Of course it is not an ideal place for me to let Asher go run loose since it is still a library and we have to keep quiet to be considerate to the other users. Though it is rather difficult getting an excited 17 month old toddler to comprehend that, especially when he thinks he is in wonderland.

But we will be back for more. I am currently thinking of doing a weekly library visit for Asher. Hopefully, he will at least let me sit him down for 1 story. It’s just so difficult to read with him nowadays, in the past we could do 4-5 books at a go but now, I should be thankful if we even manage to finish 1 book.

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