Cool De Sac Singapore at Suntec City

Finally, after being a hermit crab for the longest time. I’ve been bringing Asher out pretty often and especially last weekend since I had the car all to myself. I found out about this place online and thought I should check it out soon. Given it’s entrance fee was only S$10 (weekdays)/ S$13 (weekends) and it’s unlimited play time. That’s really cheap!

They have a cafe which serves western food and even food for babies but I had lunch elsewhere so we didn’t get to try the cafe out.

Collage 2014-04-05 14_21_40

The play area has several sections targeted at kids of different age group. There’s a section for tweens, a playground with a flying fox platform, a bunch of slides, an Art & Craft station, Lego station and dress-up station too. Of course, the only section I was keen in was the TOTS corner for Asher.

The toys are limited and the ball pit is rather mini, nothing compared to Hokey Pokey but still, the toddlers won’t even notice the difference. Asher looked like he had a ball of a time (pun intended).

After that, we went wandered off to the dress up station which was all pretty and pink for little girls to get their make up or nails done. And they also had face painting services. Asher was probably the youngest there, he got a cute yellow star painted on his cheek. They also had costumes there for the kids to do some role-play action.

Collage 2014-04-05 20_23_18

We hung out at the arts & craft station for a short while. He got bored quickly with the drawing and then decided to head back to the Tots section. The arts & crafts section was probably more suited for older kids, say 3 & up. They had all these crafty bits such as colored ice cream sticks and stuff which you could glue onto your craft paper or make something.

What I liked about Cool De Sac was that they had staff on hand at every station to watch out or render any assistance to the kids. But going on weekends can be a nightmare, especially after lunch time. It is worst when there is a party going on too. The whole place is so crowded, it’s like a war zone. I think I might head down again but probably on a weekday where there would be lesser people.


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