Why Women Go For Male Escorts

Ask me why do men go for escorts (I think it’s a nice term for hooker anyway) and I could rattle on forever. But when you ask me why do women go for male escorts, I get stumped. Honestly, I was shocked when I read about Ayumi Hamasaki patronizing giggolo shops. She was a popular and beautiful pop singer, why would she resort to that? I mean, thousands of men around the world would probably kill to go on a date with her.


When you talk about women hiring escorts. We picture these cash rich but matured ladies whose husband are just never around for them. Well, that’s partially true, but it seems more and more women are hiring escorts for other reasons too. Sometimes, sex is on the cards but usually that is not the main motive for the hire.

#1 – They need a partner for an important function

It could be an important dinner function which determines the milestone of their career or something as simple as a high school reunion. Most of the time, these are the women who have made it in life; they have an established jobs, are cash rich but because they had spent all that time building up their career, they just simply did not have time to go out and meet someone.

And sometimes male friends just don’t make the cut, however, a quality escort company usually have men who are not just lookers but also academically-qualified. Someone who is capable of holding an intelligent conversation and not just there as arm candy.

#2 – They want to feel empowered

It may sound strange to you but some women feel empowered when they hire an escort. She feels in control of the escort because she has the money to make him do things she wants him to.

Splurging on this escort gives her some kind of high, the whole transaction is like some sort of ego trip for her. It may sound crazy to you but well, there are indeed a lot of strange people out there.

#3 – They are lonely

Obviously, it is not cheap to hire an escort. Some charge by the hundreds and there are even those which charge $1000/hour. These women are usually in their late thirties to forties. Maybe they have husbands but the marriage is already broken, the children all grown up.

They have money but no one to spend it with, so who do they turn to? The social escort who acts as a companion and lends a listening ear. Perhaps it is the idea of being in the company of an attractive stranger that is more appealing then ranting off to a therapist.

#4 – They have a fantasy to fulfill

Blame it on that book 50 Shades of Grey, but apparently, social escort services are on the rise as women are hiring out handsome “Christian“s to act out their fantasies from the book.

Men scoff at this idea because to them, a woman could just walk into a bar and someone would be willing to sleep with her, for free. But would she want to accept this offer? Hiring an escort, gives her the power of choice, she gets to select which handsome bloke to sleep with and he has to do a good job because he was paid for it. So no sloppy 15 seconds here.

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