Toys Overload?!? Some tips to overcome

A common dilemma in every household with kids – how many toys is truly enough? Very often, we are tempted to splurge and pamper our little munchkins with as many toys as our pay check allows. After all, kids learn through play, don’t they? And then we have the well-meaning relatives and friends who do the same during birthday parties or for no reason because you don’t need an excuse to give.


But too many toys result in clutter and this in turn stresses the little ones out even though the clutter may be visually blocked by the adults. Sometimes, less is the way to go. Too many toys may over stimulate junior. Having too much of a choice usually leaves them easily bored and along with the tendency to appreciate what they have less. What’s more, cleaning up after play time becomes a real chore.


For us, storage was starting to become a big problem. Our tiny ‘bomb shelter cum store room’ holds 90% of Asher’s stuff. We have an entire side of the storage rack dedicated to just his toys.


This is Asher’s play area, for more photos in my mini tour entry, click HERE. I know we have too many books on display, which may kind of contribute to the clutter. However, we have ran out of storage place in our tiny pigeon hole so they are here to stay in their designated bookshelves for awhile. And Asher has quite a fair bit of toys, I was thinking how do I maximize their usage without overwhelming him and how do I keep them at a manageable amount. Here are some tips…

#1 Rotate toys: For starters, I am trying to keep them to a maximum of 10 toys at the moment. Rotating toys even few days, week or even a month is a good idea too. You could even incorporate a theme and have fun with it. Say, it’s Vehicles month and we have all the toy cars, trucks and books related to the topic on display

#2 Give away a toy each time you get a new one: If you happen to buy or receive a new toy, why not do a good deed and donate an old toy from the collection to someone who could better benefit from it? This is also a great opportunity to teach your kids about giving to charities.

#3 Request a no-toys gift list for special occasions: This might work with family and close friends only. You could tell them that while you appreciate the thought, you would rather they not spend their hard earned monies on another toy that might end up forgotten in the store room. And if they are open to the idea, you could even request that they could give cash gifts instead for junior’s university funds. I think this is a great idea, I know how chinese in Singapore are all about face-saving but this is such a practical gift that would benefit the child’s’ future. So why not?

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