The Strength Of A Woman

For decades, women have been looked upon as the weaker sex, it is only in recent years did women gain the respect they deserve. With more and more women taking up roles in politics and climbing up the ranks in corporations which were once reserved for the men only. Though, in certain societies where strong values are still placed in tradition, women are still unfortunately an oppressed lot.

From dealing with monthly period pains, sexism to childbirth, being a woman is never easy. A woman plays multiple roles in her daily life, she is a wife to her husband, a mother to her children, a team player in her corporation, a daughter to her parents and parent in laws and companion to her friends. Other times she also doubles up as a counsellor, a nurse, a cook and/or a cleaner.

To me a woman’s strength is her ability to love unconditionally. And becoming a mother has made me realize what I am actually capable of. Being pregnant made me realize what women were capable of. No one told me about the various discomforts and pains a woman would have to go through during the process. I had to find it out the hard way but that was nothing compared to giving birth and then looking after this new life you have brought into the world.

So today is International Women’s Day where we celebrate the achievements of women all over the world. We salute those who had fought for women’s rights and equality. Let us also honor the women we know and be thankful for their involvement in our lives and making that difference.

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