[Review] Etude House 2014 Spring Color Lips-fit

Spring 2014 brings bold and beautiful colors to the Etude House new Color Lips-fit collection.


I was given 2 shades to try out, they are the PK003 which is bright coral pink, something which I don’t know if I could ever pull off and BE101 milky beige, which is just my kinda color because I love all neutral shades.


The colors look gorgeous, don’t they?


 I have this bad habit of licking my lips because they tend to get dry ever so often. So I don’t usually use lip products because they tend to come off easily. But this new product from Etude House might just change all of that.


I was surprised that these lip colors which were creamy and wet upon application actually DRIED up within a minute. I tried to wipe it off with a tissue but it didn’t even smudge my lips at all. Amazing!!

To apply, you must shake well before opening. Next, you apply your color of choice before waiting 60 seconds for it to dry. Check out my photos of me in the 2 colors which I have tried out. Personally, I never thought I could carry out the hot pink till I saw the outcome. It’s youthful, refreshing and so trendy! I think I could get use to such a bright shade of pink because it looks so lovely.


I had expected the milky beige to be more nude and pale but it had this orangery hint which shows. I had applied 2 coats so maybe that’s why it looks quite obvious.

BE101I also got adventurous and decided to mix the colors. I applied the PK003 as the base before adding a tinge of BE101 and the end results was rather pretty. As you can see, the main color is still pink but yet there is a hint of orange too. If you find the pink too loud for you, then you could try mixing it with another lighter shade to bring it a tone down. I think the new shade makes it very wearable in the office.

IMG_20140326_153215aThere are a whole lot of other beautiful shades available too. Just check out your nearest Etude House outlet.


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