My Other Baby, Mocha


Before Asher came along, we had Mocha. Our dear Mocha is a Pomeranian but he has super long legs which make me wonder if he is some kinda mixed breed. I often joke about how he is a Pom-Fox mix because of how he closely resembles a fox and is just as crafty as one.


Mocha showing off his sexy long limbs

You know how people often say, get a dog to prepare yourself for a baby. Well, we didn’t get Mocha for that purpose but seriously, there is some truth to that saying. Mocha practically drove us crazy during his puppy years. He was chewing furniture, destroying HavaianasĀ slippers, pooping in the living room and the list could just go on. Things took a turn for the better after he attended obedience class. But he was still as cheeky and would do stuff like punishing me by peeing in the living room if he had been left alone at home for more than 9 hours.


Now, that I have an active toddler, all those seem nothing compared to what a human baby can do. But yes, I must admit that all the crazy attention-seeking antics, the cleaning up of urine and poop did kind of prepared me for motherhood. Not forgetting the lack of social life… You see, I used to give up on dinner appointments just so I could rush home to be with Mocha.

However, I must say how blessed and lucky I am to have Mocha. A dog that is so mild-mannered and accommodating that he accedes to Asher’s ridiculous play ideas.


Asher decides that he wants Mocha to sit on an inflatable float with him and Mocha goes on. When Asher wants Mocha to hide in the storeroom with him, Mocha goes. Sometimes, Asher smacks Mocha for the fun of it and Mocha doesn’t even growl or snap at him. If it hurts, he would give a little yelp and run away. Other times, he just sits through it. And mind you, my human bubs may be little but he can pack quite a mean smack. Still Mocha is ever so sweet to just entertain Asher.


The 2 are pretty much inseparable now. Asher would even ask Mocha to go into the bedroom when it is bedtime. To have both babies (one fur & the other human) get along with each other is nothing more a mother could ask for.

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