Asher’s Milestones So Far

Asher is just 1 month shy of turning 18 months, that to me is like the 21 years old of adulthood. Your little toddler is finally “legal” to enter play groups, certain indoor playgrounds and so on.

I wished that I had done this earlier and kpet a record of his milestones but I guess better late than never. So at 17 months, here are what the little man can do.


He is a man of few words but whenever he is feeling in the mood, these are what he can rattle off…

Thank You

Ok, I know, bad ratio of English:Chinese words. I’m looking to send him for some mandarin parent accompanied lessons so we can work on our mandarin together.

Next, we have signing, which he unintentionally picked it up. I only taught him 1 sign : Milk so that we could communicate better since he has yet to learn to speak in sentences. Then there are the ones which he picked up by imitating us.


Pain – To show he is in pain, usually after he bumps his head.
Food – To sign to us that he wants to eat, accompanied by saying “Mummumumumum”
Smelly – Sometimes to describe Mocha’s poo or his own. Haha!
No – Shaking his head or hand or both.

Animal Sounds

He can do a few, mainly those of …

Big cats especially Lions & Tigers which are his favorite.
Pig, those his ‘Oink’ sounds like a pig with a bad throat
Chicken, we sometimes go from “cluck” to “pom” LOL!
Snake, the hissing sound is also one of his favorite.

He can even give us direction to places he wants to go. Like direct us from the 2nd level to the indoor playground at the 4th level. Once, he even brought me to the Baby Room because he wanted his milk, we went past the Ladies & Gents on our way. I was really amused and surprised by his great directional skills, especially when his mother here has no sense of direction. :X

He never fails to amaze us and it is so true that children from 0-3 years absorb things like a sponge. Looking forward to more fun learning adventures with him. Anyone knows of any parent-child classes to recommend? We have only tried Leap SchoolHouse, hoping to try out others before deciding.

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