My ‘Do’s & ‘Don’t’s List While Preparing For Your Big Vday Date

So Vday is coming up in 2 days and you have scored a hot date with the cutest guy. *Pumps fist in air*

This is a fun article I came up with on how to survive that date, just some Do and Don’ts.


DON’T                                       DO                                             



Pick a cute dress and heels or any outfit that looks presentable. Putting effort in your dressing is also a form of respect to your date. You don’t necessarily need to splurge on a new outfit but it would be a great excuse for some shopping, won’t it? 😉  So even if you usually shop around Orchard road in a tank top and flip flops. And I know how that is the most comfortable ensemble ever. It would be a sin to turn up for your date looking that casual unless your date is a picnic by the beach. It is still fine to wear shorts or something casual if you know how to dress it up. Likewise, don’t overdress to the extent of looking like a creepy space alien.

DO                                                     DON’T

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DON’T                                                     DO

dior6_narrowweb__300x452,0Jessica-AlbaMAKE UP

Maybe you have a pimple that decided to surface of all times, today or perhaps you are suddenly inspired to try out that smokey eye look you saw in a magazine even though your last attempt earned you the nickname “Kungfu Panda”.

Well, my advice would be to save the new look for another day and just play safe today unless you are a makeup artist. And in regards to that blemish, do not pile on an inch thick of makeup to hide it and expect him to not notice at all. Instead, use a good concealer. Just go about with your daily makeup routine and perhaps add some falsies or eyeshadow to spice up the look. Remember, you are going on a date, not acting in a chinese wayang.

DO                                                                       DON’T



Do take a shower, don’t marinate yourself in perfume. Just a light spritz here and there will do. Don’t turn up smelling like you just soaked yourself in Chanel No. 5 for the past 5 hours, he will NOT be turned on by that.


 Last but not least, let your hair down and have fun!

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