Lost inches off my tummy!

I just had my final session at Prive Aesthetics before the CNY. I thought I won’t be able to survive having to eat and live a healthier lifestyle but I managed somehow! Just to share some tips on how I tried to control my diet. I thought it would be tough on me because I am quite a pig and I never control what I eat.


Throughout this period, I had abstained from fast food and bubble tea. To cut down on the amount of food I take in daily, I even resorted to using a bowl instead of a large plate. I am so used to doing this now, it feels like a normal daily routine for me. And I guess all these along with the laser lipo treatment and fat burner supplements have helped me to lose more inches!

Check out how much more I had lost off my tummy! 

                                            BEFORE                                               AFTER (Final Session)

Top:                                    73cm                                                        70.5cm

Middle:                              79.5cm                                                     73cm

Bottom:                             82.5cm                                                     78cm

To conclude, that is almost an inch off the top, 2.55inches off the middle portion and almost 2 inches off the bottom.

Photo of my bloated tummy before I started the Prive Aesthetics 360ShapeUp Programme:

2013-12-30 11.53.15

This was taken after my last session of the Prive Aesthetics 360ShapeUp Programme:


The result is pretty obvious, even my hubby has commented that my tummy has flattened. We are both very pleased with the results. Now I can fit into my figure-hugging dresses without looking like a dumpling.

For more information on the 360ShapeUp Programme, please contact Prive Aesthetics:


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