Budget Mummy : The Latest from NCLA Nail Wraps

Being a mummy to one active toddler means that I do not have the luxury of getting out of the house often and much less ever getting a manicure done. Furthermore, ever since I had stopped working, I have been trying my best to stretch the dollar so that I stay financially independent even though the hubs could still comfortably provide for us. (Yup, I don’t demand allowance from him and pay for my own stuff still)


So instead of going for a manicure which could cost at least S$20 (home-based pricing?) to more than S$50. Why not DIY? And because DIY-ing your own nail art can be such a pain in the ass unless you are incredibly talented with deft hands. Why not use NCLA nail wraps?

These are a personal fav of mine. Check out my previous blog entry on these nail wraps HERE.  Each kit contains a NCLA nail file and 44 wraps, which yields around 3 – 4 applications. These are going at S$23 per kit, so that works out to a mere S$5+ per use., which is really affordable.

This time around the fashionistas at NCLA have nailed it again. They have gone wild over animal prints and are clearly getting creative with transparent nail wraps.


For Valentine’s Day, they are spreading the love with the “Sealed with a Kiss” nail wrap featuring lotsa xoxos and candy hearts. To please the lacquer lovers, they have included a glitter lacquer, “Heart Attack” starring adorable little hearts bound to win yours over.


I got to try out the transparent one for CNY. For the transparent ones, there is only 1 sheet instead of 2. I’m not so sure of the prices yet but even if they are still priced at S$23. That’s S$23 for 2 uses which means a mere S$12.50 per use, it’s still much cheaper then going for a manicure.


They are really easy to use. You just apply clear lacquer on your nails first. Next, you stick the nail wraps on, with the rounded parts towards the cuticles. File the excess away or if you could cheat by cutting it away like me. It makes the filing easier since there is little left to get rid off.

2014-01-29 17.51.56

After you are done, just apply another layer of clear lacquer on. I did my nails within 30 minutes while trying to entertain my active baby at the same time.

2014-01-29 19.33.05

This is the Leather&Lace design from the Transparent range. I wanna grab the Valentines’ Day design, it’s just too cute! I’m sure the site would be updated soon with these new ranges. Meanwhile, you could check out the current designs at Zalora.SG

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