My First Session With Prive Aesthetics For The 360 ShapeUp Programme

Remember I mentioned that I intended to lose my excess pregnancy weight and I had made an appointment with Prive Aesthetics to find out more about their 360 ShapeUp Programme? Well, last monday was my first appointment!


I was excited and nervous at the same time but their friendly consultant, Margie made me feel just at home there. I told Margie about my pregnancy weight gain woes and my current lifestyle. I wanted to know what solutions Prive Aesthetics could offer to aid me in my quest for a slimmer body.

She shared with me about the 360 ShapeUp Programme, which is a specially tailored slimming programme that involves medically-approved machines for slimming and contouring treatments, a nutritious diet plan, all-natural health supplements and daily exercise. I was given my own journal to track my daily food intake as part of the programme.


Next, I went for a detailed body analysis before Margie could recommend treatments for me. She took down details which included my weight, height, BMI and body measurements. As I had excess weight around my tummy and thighs. She suggested that I try the Laser Lipo to tackle the stubborn fats around my tummy.


Laser Lipo, unlike traditional Liposuction, is non-invasive and hence, much safer. The lasers would break down fat cells which was then released through the lymph nodes. And the treatment would only require 10-20 minutes, something which I appreciated greatly because I have no patience. I could also expect to see results immediately after the first session.


Before you knew it, I was lying on the treatment bed eagerly awaiting my laser lipo session to begin. To start, Margie explains how the machine would work and how she was going to be placing the laser pads on my problem areas. It being my first time, I shared my concerns about my low pain threshold and was assured that the most I would experience is a warm sensation. And no, Margie did not lie to me, I hardly felt anything during my 20 minutes session. In fact, I was so relaxed that I actually had a quick nap.

After the treatment, Margie started to take my body measurements for comparison. She had measured the top, middle and bottom areas of my tummy. The results? I actually lost 1 cm off the top, 3.5cm off the middle (which was considered really good according to Margie) and 2cm off the bottom. I was truly amazed!


We sat down again for a short consultation session and Margie passed me a diet plan to follow, a set of nutritionist recommended recipes by celebrity chef Willin Low and a box of 100% natural fat-burner supplements to be taken every morning. I was also advised to exercise for 30 minutes daily, even window shopping around for 30 minutes would count too. I’m sure I could accomplish that, perhaps I could bring Asher for walk around the estate in his pram for 30 minutes.

I have made an appointment for my 2nd session and can’t wait to return. Meanwhile, wish me luck and continue follow my updates on my journey to lose those unwanted fats!

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