2nd Session With Prive Aesthetics, Check Out How Many Inches I’ve Lost!

I just had my 2nd session of treatment at Prive Aesthetics for the 360 ShapeUp Programme. This time round, we had it done on my thighs. If you have not read about my first treatment experience, do check it out HERE. We had the Laser Lipo done on my thighs, unlike traditional Liposuction, this treatment is non-invasive and hence, much safer. The lasers would break down fat cells which was then released through the lymph nodes. Margie took my measurements again so that we could do a comparison after the treatment.

2014-01-15 12.29.38

Guess what? I lost 1cm on my right thigh and 1.5cm on my left thigh. In fact, the results were quite obvious. These are the photos I took immediately after the treatment in the toilet.


My thighs look slimmer now!


We also checked the measurements for my tummy.

                                            BEFORE                                               AFTER

Top:                                    73cm                                                        72.5cm

Middle:                              79.5cm                                                     74.5cm

Bottom:                             82.5cm                                                     79.5cm

That’s a difference of 0.2 inches off the top, almost 2 inches off the middle and 1 inch off the bottom! Woohoo!

Couple that with the recommended diet plan and a minimum of 30 minutes a day of walking the baby. I can look forward to looking fabulous on Chinese New Year!

2014-01-26 18.42.49

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