Our RW Sentosa Staycation

We had a short staycation because I needed a break and yet we were not prepared to travel in a plane with Asher yet. Probably gonna wait till he grows older before we bring him somewhere kid-friendly. I have been starved of a vacation for 2 years already. I still remember buying those Uggs-inspired boots for a supposed cold climate trip only to find out that I was pregnant. And since then, I wasn’t encouraged to travel anywhere, Batam included.


My little beach boy all ready for staycation

Not my first stay at RW Sentosa but still refreshing enough since this time round, we had a toddler in tow. I chose Festive Hotel because it promoted itself as a family hotel complete with a baby pool. And their rooms had sofa beds which were a bonus. Sorry no photos of my room because we had to change rooms due to them giving me a wrong room initially. We had a fantastic view, being on the top floor which was the 6th level. However, that room did not come with the sofa bed as I’d booked. In the end we got the 4th floor with a pool-facing view. Not very ideal since anything pool-facing means noise pollution but then again, it was just a staycation so I could make do with that.

During our first day, we didn’t have much time for anything. It’s strange how time flies when you have a toddler with you, no matter where you are. Anyhow, on the 2nd day, we managed to visit the S.E.A Aquarium.


Asher looking in awe

It was pretty similar to Underwater World just that they seemed to have more fishes and these huge ass giant viewing galleries.


Asher was pretty psyched to see so many fishes swimming around him through the glass enclosures.


Hello there, little fish!

I’m not sure if he would remember this experience but at least I didn’t have to pay for his ticket. Kids under 4 go in free.


We finished off the night with this dazzling display of pyrotechnics at The Waterfront. Seats were filling up 20 minutes before the show started, I guess that’s the norm since it was a free performance. It was an awesome show featuring waterworks and these 2 mechanical cranes. Best of all, it ended with a bang, literally… they had a short fireworks display. Asher’s eyes were glued to the performance the whole while. He sure enjoyed it a lot!


Overall, it was an OK staycation. My first since I don’t quite believe in staycations and Sentosa island was an exception. My logic is that if I am still staying in Singapore, I might as well just stay at home where everything I need is within reach.

Oh well, hopefully we will get to go on a proper holiday in 2014.

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