Help For Mummies Who Want To Get Back In Shape

Congratulations, you are now a mother to a beautiful baby. You check out your reflection in the mirror and is rudely shocked by what you see. Many women expect to magically shrink back into their pre-pregnancy size soon after delivery. Blame those celebrity new mums for strutting around in their bikini-ready bodies.

But unfortunately for most of us, things are not that simple. So now, all you see peering back at you are a bulging tummy that still looks five months pregnant. The flabby skin hanging out in areas of your body which you have never seen before. And as if to add injury to insult, cellulite marks adorn your stomach, butt and thighs. Oh the horrors!


Being able to get back in shape is what most women worry about. Even for myself, staying in shape is a tough call given that I am so busy juggling family life, work and the baby. I must admit that the last time I did any exercise was prenatal yoga (if you even consider that exercise). All of my time has been devoted to nurturing baby Asher. And I do not exactly watch what I eat, couple that with no exercise at all, it is no surprise that I have developed a small tummy. Furthermore, if you are a new mother, your doctor would warn you against subjecting your body to vigorous exercise. So this is where The Body Firm comes in to help mothers like you & me.


The Body Firm has been around since 2007, they offer a range of body shaping treatments for both women and men. Effective, Safe, Painless and Non-Invasive, aren’t those what every women looks for? The Body Firm uses unique and revolutionary systems from Europe, you will look toned and feel fitter after just a few sessions.

I shall skip the ding dong part talking about the usual preparation before the treatment starts. Let the journey begin…


After settling down in my treatment room, Selina, the Spa Manager, went through my concerns and recommended a postnatal slimming treatment for me.

The post-natal treatment is a combination of TBF and a massage. The objective of TBF is to lose inches and get back to your pre-natal body, because when you are pregnant, you overstretch your muscles, especially your abs that is why you’ll lose the shape of your waist and abs. TBF focuses on that. Mainly also, because, especially women don’t like to work on their muscles.

The combi with the massage is to get rid of cellulite and give your skin a good boost, so it tightens up again and the ugly cellulite disappears.


 The first part of my treatment was the TBF system. TBF is short for The Body Firm, this innovative system uses special waveform technology to smoothly flex your muscles while firming them up. It mimics the effect of a work out without having to sweat it out in the gym. This unique technology was initially developed by a scientist in UK to treat patients with muscle illnesses but they found that it worked really well on healthy people too.


So all I had to do was to lie on a bed and relax while the therapist placed small wire-connected pads around my concerned areas which are the tummy, thighs, waist and buttocks. I was told that you could choose up to 4 areas to be treated in one session.

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Once the machine was switched on, I could feel a gentle pulsation coming through the pads. It felt slightly ticklish in the beginning. Then my body got used to the muscle contraction. It started to feel like I was having an intense work out even though I was just lying on the treatment bed. The treatment lasted for about 25 minutes. My muscles felt toner and firmer, it was amazing! For the time-strapped & lazy bums like me, you would totally love the idea of having a work out in just 25 minutes minus the sweat, pain and soreness.

 The next part of my treatment was the Anti-Cellulite Massage. The masseur recommended that she would concentrate on my tummy and thighs. This professional firm massage technique is a very effective treatment against unsightly dimpled skin: it improves blood flow circulation and lymphatic drainage thereby breaking up cellulite deposits into much smaller pieces in order for the body to dispose of it through the natural system.


 It did ache a little which is normal for anti-cellulite massage as the masseur would require using more strength to drain the toxins. I was told that for first-timers you might get some slight bruising and I did get them on both sides of the tummy. However, they went away within a week.

This is my first time having a slimming treatment which involves a massage. Both treatments complimented each other to yield effective results. I left the salon feeling rejuvenated and my body toner and firmer.

 Results are proven with a before measurements. After a course of treatments, they’ll measure again for comparison. Many of their customers who undergo this post-natal program lose inches!! While Cellulite are non-measurable results can be seen from the reduce of appearance. Best of all, the treatments targeted specific areas of concern and were of the perfect duration. Really looking forward to next treatment with The Body Firm.

The Body Firm is located along Singapore’s prime Orchard Road shopping belt at the Delfi Orchard building, one could just conveniently swing by for a treatment and then head back for some shopping or even enjoy a hi-tea session afterwards.

 For more information, please visit the website :

Or contact The Body Firm at :

402 Orchard Road, Delfi Orchard #04-20, Singapore 238876

Tel: (65) 6838 0331

Operating Hours :

Monday-Friday: from 10 am – 8:30 pm
Saturday: from 9 am – 5 pm
Sunday and Public Holidays: Closed


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