[Review] Fueki Nakayoshi Horse Oil Body Cream

Horse oil? I see you cringe and honestly, I did that too but the packaging was too irresistibly cute that I had to buy it. Just look at that jar and those puppy eyes, get what I mean? Sadly, after my purchase, it was then left forgotten in my heap of beauty stash until a few days ago where I chanced upon it again..


From what I gather online (cause I threw away the plastic packaging), this is made in Japan and it’s a body cream with highly concentrated emollients (other than horse oil) like shea butter, squalene derived from plants, glycerin and aloe vera. It’s usually used to soothe dry, itchy, sensitive, rashy and ezcema skin. Safe for even little kids too.

25063_337128759108_7069051_nAwww… this has to be one of the cutest packaging for a beauty item!

So anyway, I have never tried any horse oil products and this is my first. I admit I was pretty grossed out initially but the cream doesn’t smell funny or anything. In fact, it looks very ordinary and best of all, it works.

2013-11-19 22.07.43_resized

You see, horse oil is very moisturizing. Horse oil contains a high amount of unsaturated fatty acids such as alpha-linolenic acids and linoleic acids, which our body is not able to produce. It’s fatty acid composition is similar to that of the human sebum, therefore, allowing extreme permeability to the skin.

I have been using this cream on my soles because they are on the verge of developing cracked heels. And I could feel the difference the very next day. I will be using for a few more days before I exfoliate my feet with the milky foot pack. Probably gonna blog about that too.

Sorry I don’t know where you can find this cream. I couldn’t locate the seller’s email which I’d purchased it from. A search on the internet yielded no results either. Not sure if it’s discontinued or what but I certainly hope not. I might need to restock since it works so well.

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