Party Hard But Stay Classy


It’s the time of year where your schedule gets flooded with party invites and hot dates. So while you are partying the night away, here are some tips on how to make the most of it while staying beautiful and classy.



They say a beautiful complexion is the best canvas for your makeup. Hydrated skin allows makeup to be applied evenly. So it’s important that you do not neglect skin despite the long nights out partying. Drink lots of water and also remember to moisturize, moisturize & moisturize. Some cheat sheet tips would be to pamper your skin with sheet masks or a sleeping mask like the Laneige Sleep Mask. Grab a collagen drink if you require a more potent booster.


Be Adventurous


Less is more it seems for the autumn/winter 2013 beauty trends. I’m seeing a lot of of “no makeup” looks on the runway. Select a BB cream or CC cream to give you the flawless, velvety finish for your bare-skin look. Concentrate on a feature to highlight, bold brows are IN this season. (photo above from Chanel’s Fall Fashion Week Show)




Never ever sacrifice comfort for looking good. I’ve been there and can’t seem to recall a moment where I never did regret it. Don’t get a dress that’s too short or too tight. You don’t want to pass out from wearing something that restricts your breathing or be seen always tugging at the hems of your too-short dress. Look hot and classy, not trashy. Also, it would be good to carry a pair of these Scholls foldable ballet flats in your handbag. They usually come in handy once you are done with clubbing and want to go home. You will be thankful that you don’t need to walk barefooted to flag a cab because of these.


Watch Your Image


Drink responsibly for your own image and safety. Always have a girlfriend (make sure, she’s sober!) stay with you should you want to drink more than you should. However, the best is still not to over drink. You don’t want to wake up regretting the whole night of madness like doing something embarrassing such as texting an ex or threatening to beat up the bartender over a drink.


Always Remove Your Makeup


Now that you have safely made it home. This is one very essential step you should never skip. You can go to bed in your clubbing clothes, skip that shower but never ever should you not remove your makeup. Rejoice and thank the inventors behind the makeup wipes which would come in handy when you are just too tired or drunk to wash off at the sink. Not removing your makeup before you sleep clogs up pores and causes skin irritation. Research have shown skin aging by 10 years for just sleeping with makeup on for 1 month. Scary, isn’t it?

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