Today Asher Turns ONE!

It has been a crazy roller coaster ride for this past 1 year, but here we are celebrating your FIRST birthday. I’m so blessed to have you in my life.


We held his first birthday party yesterday and despite it being a Sunday evening with work and all the next day, we were glad that our guests took the effort to turn up. We thank everyone who came and made Keandre Asher’s first a very memorable one for him.


This little guy was overwhelmed by the no of people clapping and singing the birthday song for him till he couldn’t stop shrieking in delight and clapping along.


Here’s the tee I had hand-painted for him to match The Very Hungry Caterpillar theme. Only mummies would recognize the theme because this is a famous children’s book by Eric Carle.

And we love it, we have it in 3 different versions; the hard cover, the sound book and the finger puppet book. Yes, mommy’s a book addict. In fact, Asher has a collection of close to 100 story books now. We have not read all since majority are not age-appropriate. I’m only reading those meant for ages 2-4 to him now. The rest are kinda too lengthy for a one year old whose easily distracted by his surroundings.

After midnight, Asher graduates from being a BABY to a TODDLER. I love you, sweetheart, many new adventures awaits us.

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