New Chapter In My Life As A SAHM so I have decided to commit to Asher full-time. It wasn’t an easy decision to make, certainly my mom didn’t put me through college to be changing diapers or belting out ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars’ whenever the little one gets grouchy. But here I am, knowing that I have taken the first step to be with my boy before it’s all too late; that’s when he is all grown up. And I know I won’t be having any regrets.


There were many issues to consider before taking the plunge. Loss of career opportunities, progression, continual flow of income, financial freedom and independence. And then, there was also the other side of the coin, missing Asher’s first milestones, spending only 3.5 hours maximum with him each day, how was that possibly sufficient? Having to work with a pathetic two-faced despicable manager also helped made the decision easier.


I admit though, losing my financial independence was one of the most difficult things to come to terms with. So I thought of taking up a part-time job or try working from home but with Asher it is almost impossible. I don’t even have time to hang around Facebook anymore :(

This little fellow is a bundle of never-ending energy. Sometimes, he takes only 1 nap, and if we are lucky, he does 2. But it really all depends on his mood. He gets up at 6 or 7am in the morning and only goes to bed between 9 to 10plus. And in between his naps, he is up and about, crawling or cruising over everything.

So to be honest, my hunt for a part-time job has been abruptly halted. I still have Hellobaby SG for some passive income though. And because I have always been financially-independent, I would most likely try to continue doing so. I could be going back to a full-time job in the future and I didn’t want to ‘break’ the cycle. It’s a good habit anyway. So thank goodness for my “just-in-case-I-hate-my-job” funds which I had set aside.

I had initially thought that the cutting down on my expenses would be difficult. But after going through my finances, I realized that majority of my money went to food and Asher’s or Mocha’s stuff. I hardly shop for myself ever since his birth, I think I spend 70% of my money on him. It’s so easy to spend on him than on myself.

Anyway, it’s still only the first week, I hope I won’t be raising the white flag too soon. Wish me luck and let’s hope it all works out fine. I guess I would probably be blogging more often about our little baby adventures than beauty stuff in future.

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