[Review] Beauty Clinic 2-step Ampoule Masks (previously known as Leaders’ Clinic)

I’ve just learnt that Serenity Allure had repackaged the popular Leaders’ Clinic 2-­step Ampoule Mask range into Beauty Clinic 2-­Step Ampoule Mask. I had reviewed some of their facial sheet masks before over HERE and HERE. So do check out my past entries :)

This entry is pretty much overdue so please just bear with me. I’m trying out these 2-step series for the first time and I was prescribed the Collagen Smart Filler & Whitening Smart Laser masks to try out.

photo 3

It’s called a 2-step mask because you need to use the ampoule first, followed by the facial sheet mask.

First, you cleanse your face and next, you apply the ampoule.

photo 1

The ampoule was like a serum-gel, in fact, there was a generous amount in the packet. I still had some leftovers even after using it all over my face and neck.

Press hands on face and neck to let ampoule get absorbed by the skin.

photo 2

The facial sheet mask was a perfect fit for the typical Asian’s face. You keep it on for approximately 10-20 minutes before removing it and letting the excess essence absorb into your skin.

I’ve tried both and love how my skin appeared after each use. You can see its glowing and pumped up. The effect is still visible even the morning after. So if you use these facial masks often, I’m sure you can get youthful-looking and moisturized skin! Super love the 2-steps system because I think the ampoule really helps in pumping up the skin.

You can find these Beauty Clinic masks at BHG & SASA outlets.

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