No more animal testing!

Got this in my email and decided to share with you guys. After 20 years of campaigning, the EU ban on animal testing of cosmetic and beauty products has finally been implemented yesterday!

 This means that all products which has ingredients tested on animals cannot be imported and sold in Europe. Neither is animal testing of beauty products allowed in Europe.

 Technology is so advanced today that animals need not suffer for the sake of our vanity. The ban in Europe is just a first step for The Body Shop and their partner Cruelty Free International. They need your pledge and your voice to help garner for more pledges to push for a global ban.

 In Singapore, The Body Shop is targeting to gather 10,000 pledges. And should they hit 10,000 pledges, the staff at The Body Shop will volunteer clean up an animal shelter.

Some celebrities and personalities have already shown their support for cruelty-free beauty.

Please do share the video to gather for more pledges. You can pledge either at any The Body Shop store, or at

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