My 1st VanityTrove

It’s always a pleasant surprise to come home to see a parcel, just waiting for me to dissect its contents. And even better if I have no clue what’s inside the box. Yes, beauty subscription boxes rely heavily on the element of suspense and they are apparently the IN thing now.

So check this out, I’ve gotten my first VanityTrove, the April Edition. And as much as I would like to camhoe beside it, I simply can’t due to a nasty eye infection that has left me looking like the eye of Sauron. (Lord of the Rings)

I guess one of the things that set VanityTrove apart from the other beauty subscription boxes would be its packaging. It comes to you sealed in plastic. And it slides open like a standalone drawer unlike the typical box and cover setup.

Ok, I love this mini magazine called VANITY that is included in each month’s box. This little booklet contains beauty news, updates and tips. Really innovative, I must say.

So what’s inside March’s box? A truckload of beauty goodies! Here’s a closer peek at the contents….

We have the Elizabeth Arden┬áVisible Whitening range; Visible Whitening Melanin Control Night Capsules… Sweet! I immediately tried a capsule on the spot. Ok, so I was checking out my Vanitytrove shortly after I was done with my shower. The texture is really smooth, I hope I wake up to beautiful skin tomorrow morning.

There’s also the Visible Whitening Multi-Targeted UV Shield BB Cream SPF 30 PA++ & Visible Whitening Smoothing Cleanser. You know what, my mom is big EA fan, so I’ll be passing her these items. I’m sure she’ll be thrilled.

Next, we have Dr Ci:Labo, a popular label from Japan crafted by dermatologists. There’s the all time favorite and popular Aqua Collagen Gel Super Moisture Ex. And also the Super Cleansing Ex and Super Washing Foam Ex. I love the aqua collagen gel!!! I got to sample it previously and its texture was so smooth, easily absorbed and didn’t get me breakouts.

I like how receiving beauty samples means you get to try out these products first before deciding if you want to spend on the regular sized ones. After all, some skincare products especially those from the luxury ranges can be pretty pricey. And what’s more, these sample sized items are so handy and convenient to pack for overseas trips.

If you are curious, do hop over to for more details. For S$25 a month, you’ll get to receive the troves hand-delivered to you and enjoy the beautiful surprises within it.

I also personally think that they make perfect gifts for any woman in your life. It could be for your mother to thank for her for hard work, your stressful sister mugging for the exams, your lovely BFF who is always there for you. Guys, I’m sure your girlfriend or wife would be touched by your thoughtfulness at this simple gesture.

Ok, gotta go, I’m going to sample the other goodies in this trove. Ta-ta!

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