Juggling Work, Baby, Dog & Blog

In a blink of an eye, baby Asher is 17 weeks and counting. It also has been a few weeks since I’m back at work too. Now, it’s so difficult to even find some time to blog, much less have some ME time. I’m still struggling to adapt to this new lifestyle. In fact, it can be quite a dreadful routine sometimes. It’s wake up, go work, return home, read/play to baby, play with Mocha then rest and the cycle repeats itself.

I guess the only part I look forward most is reading to him.

Because he enjoys the stories and I’m probably a kiasu Mommy. But I really hope that he would be able to experience the joy of reading. ¬†Ever since I had him, I’ve been purchasing many books. He’s a proud owner of 30 over books and counting. It seems like 90% of my purchases now are all for dear baby. I no longer shop for myself but find myself getting excited whenever there’s new of a baby fair in town.

Anyway, updates on Mocha… he is doing fine now. But really mischievous, I’m not sure if he is starting to get envious of baby. However, he has been peeing everywhere on purpose and I know that’s a call for attention. It happened after I returned work, maybe he doesn’t like it that I have to leave for work. But what’s a furparent got to do but to bring in the dough to pay for his kibbles, right?

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One thought on “Juggling Work, Baby, Dog & Blog

  1. Aww baby Asher is super cute, sending love to him <3.Wow he has more than 30 books it's great,you know it's a good thing that you started getting books for him and reading to him from such an early age hopefully he will be interested in books and his reading will be good when he grows up, I used to read books to my niece from an early age and now she is 6 and she loves reading books and her reading is way much better than other kids of her age.

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