[Review] Biore Skin Caring Cleanser Series

Did you know that Biore has a new packaging?

Green for blemish prone skin.

Blue for normal to combination skin.

Orange for dry & dehydrated skin.

Pink is the scrub for all skin types.

I received a set of cleanser & scrub from Biore recently to try out.

Based on my skin suitability, I was given the blue one which is for normal to combination skin. And also the pink scrub as well.

So what is so special about these cleansers? Well, they possess an innovative technology called the SKIN PURIFYING TECHNOLOGY. This allows Biore cleansers to cleanse efficiently without any penetration of the skin. Hence, it is non-irritating, leaves no residue and in fact, vitalizes the skin.

First, I tried on the cleanser. It lathers up well and thoroughly cleanses. And yet, it did not dry out my skin. My face felt clean, soft and smooth to touch. In fact, it appeared brighter then before.

Next, I tried on the scrub, it was a pleasant surprise to see that the scrub had very small, ultra fine beads. These exfoliating beads which are smaller than the pores are much gentler on the skin compared to other brands with big, harsh beads.

After using the cleanser & scrub, my skin was even brighter than before. I guess it was dull-looking previously due to the amount of dead skin cells.

I love the new cleansers from Biore. If you have acne or blemish-prone skin, you should try the green one. It’s stated to reduce the appearance of blemish within 14 days of usage!

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