Princess Etoinette by Etude House

Presenting Etude House’s Most Princessy collection ever! Meet Princess Etoinette.

The Princess Etoinette Collection, a real princess make-up line bringing up imagery of princesses in Versailles, conceived with the desire to make every girl a sweet and precious princess by embracing true meaning and virtue of the princess who is beautiful both inside out, confident and loving. World renowned cosmetic bottle designer Sylvie de France was inspired by European royal treasures in palaces and designed Etoinette products as an interpretation of modern princess.

 Can’t wait to get your hands on these items? Well, then you have to wait till January 2013 but that’s a mere days away only. So what’s included in this gorgeous royal collection?


Under the theme of Princess Etoinette Private Treasures, Princess Etoinette Collection consist a line-up of special products. There’s a total of 24 products and 8 are limited editions!



PK002 on my hand

Ÿ   Etoinette Crystal Shine Lips – A glossy, pearl-based lipstick made with French Royal Jelly extract that creates soft, moist lips.

There are a total of 8 lovely shades available for this lip collection, all of which are saccharine, sweet princessy colors.

Ÿ   Etoinette Heart Blusher/ HighlighterA heart-shaped baked blusher that was carefully created piece by piece to enhance cheeks with brilliant, sheer colors.

This must be the STAR product, just look at its absolutely gorgeous packaging! The silver hearts are for highlighting while the red/pink hearts are for blush.

And because of its silky, chalk-like texture, you can also use these as an eye shadow too.

Ÿ   Etoinette Crystal Loose PowderA loose powder with light-reflecting micro pearls and ‘Moisture Coating Powder’ to illuminate the complexion.

Ÿ   Etoinette Rose BrushA rose-shaped brush with fine natural hair for comfortable and professional touch.

I fell in love with this brush the moment I lay eyes on it! You can use this with the Etoinette Hearts Blusher. It has a soft, luxurious touch and feels like a gentle caress on your skin. OMG, I can’t express how much I’m loving this!

#01 Veil Tear & #01 Deep Black

#02 Charming Tear & #02 Deep Brown

The Etoinette collection also feature Etoinette Tear Drop Liner Set for enhancing the eyes and creating a dreamy, doe-eyed princessy look.

Etoinette Bubble Bath Bars in 3 lovely flavors – Sweet Heart, Romantic Heart & Fresh Heart. These make lovely gifts for girlfriends. Guys, you can also get these to surprise your sweetheart with a romantic night in the tub.

#01 Versailles Rose

#02 Versailles Dress

Etoinette Versailles Nails come in 2 sets – #1 Versailles Rose & #2 Versailles Dress.

Each kit consists of 3 nail colors & french tip nail stickers for you to create your own pretty princessy nails!

There’s also the Etoinette Lovely Perfumed Candles and the Etoinette Brush Collection.

This enchanting makeup line encourages girls to realize and achieve the beautiful princess nature in them.

You can head down to ETUDE HOUSE outlets come Jan 2013 for this lovely collection!

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