Moroccan Argan Oil Skin Serum by Seven Wonders

I was given this bottle of Argan Oil Skin Serum by Seven Wonders to try out but I’ve not really gotten down to it yet. Been really busy with baby so I didn’t have the time test out products for reviews yet. I’ve only just started using it, however, so please let me just share what I feel about it now. I’ll follow up again once I’ve finished the bottle.

If you have been reading my blog, you would know that Argan oil spared me stretch marks on my tummy during pregnancy. However, I was so obsessed with not getting them on my tummy that I’d neglected my buttocks. I have a few reddish marks on my left butt cheek and I’m currently using this Moroccan Argan Oil on it in hope that it would help diminish it’s appearence. Wish me luck and I’ll keep you guys updated on the progress!

Hailed as Liquid Gold, Argan oil is known and used widely for it’s numerous benefits to the skin. Argan Oil is hydrating, anti-aging and full of vitamins. It is quickly absorbed and regulates the release of sebum for oily skin, hydrates dry skin, and calms sensitive skin. Thus, making it very versatile and suitable for all skin types. You can use this on your face or your body. It can be used a daily moisturizer by simply massaging 3-4 drops on area required.

True to its claims, this serum is non-greasy and easily absorbed by the skin, making application such a breeze. So don’t be mistaken or worry unnecessarily that just because this is an oil, it will bothersome to use. It’s really very hassle-free. It is so moisturizing that even after massaging it onto my skin, my hands feel hydrated and silky smooth. Even though its free of fragrance, its natural scent smells really good; like a soothing essential oil. I’m quite an essential oil person and I find it very calming to have such scents on my skin.

Seven Wonders Moroccan Argan Oil Skin Serum’s Source of ingredients:

Made in Australia, with original source of Argan Oil from Morocco specially blended with Rose Oil and Vitamin E oil to deliver maximum effect to skin. It is 100% natural and certified organic.

Just to share some of the top benefits:

1) Restores Radiance

2) Reduces Wrinkles

3) Revitalizes Skin Tone

4) Revives Complexion

5) Relieves Dry Skin

6) Non-greasy

7) Fragrance Free

Moroccan Argan Oil Skin Serum can be found exclusively at Watsons stores for an affordable price of S$19.90 for 20ml in a pump dispenser.

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