Had Fun at AmorePacific’s Gala Dinner

This week, I attended a gala dinner by AmorePacific at St Regis Hotel. Here I am camhoring while stuck in traffic.

With a long standing history of 67 years, the Asian Beauty Creator has 30 premium beauty brands under its Corporation and is identified as the leading and largest beauty company in Korea. At the Gala, Amorepacific Corporation will present a comprehensive collection of Korea’s top skincare and cosmetic brands.

The moment I reached the reception area, I was swarmed by gorgeous folks and suddenly felt underdressed. Maybe it was my heels or hair haha. I was alone so it was kind of awkward as I navigated the reception area.

I stopped to snap a photo of the 2 pretty models before I bumped into a bunch of bloggers. Phew! Saw Shirleen of Womenlovebeauty there too. And luckily, I bumped into fellow Etude House blogger, Charlene too.

And we were both assigned the same table, lucky me! I won’t be alone :)

Here’s a sneak of what’s to come..

Yumyum, yeah?



Main Course, I had the fish…

And last but not least, the dessert… oh so delicious!

Lovely dinner I had at St Regis Hotel. Love the dessert most of all, especially the coconut sherbet when paired with the passion fruit baba, setting off fireworks on my tastebuds. Ahhh… the sweet memory still lingers in my mouth.

And also check out this Korean tea which was specially flown all the way from Korea for this event. Of which we were also given a box in the door gift which was generously prepared. It also includes a cream from the internationally popular brand Sulwhasoo and the latest Laneige BB soothing cushion!

Look at the adorable packaging of the tea.

They also had this instant photo booth with this classy-looking photo frame.

Alamak! I think I camhoe with Iphone look better.

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