Charlotte’s Thoughts on Gift-Giving

I’m practical and picky when it comes to gifts, so you may think that I’m difficult to shop for. However, the irony is that I would be easily pleased with a cash voucher. That way I could get whatever I want or need. No more disappointment and feigning delight when unwrapping Christmas presents.

However, giving vouchers may be frown upon as some deem it as generic and not personalized. ¬†So how do you get someone a present they won’t have to fake a smile just to patronize you? Or risk having that same item *gasp* re-gifted to someone else?

For the elderly, it would be safe to get them generic health supplements unless they have some kind of medical conditions which you would then rather play safe and avoid gifting this. You could then consider portable massagers from brands like Osim or Oto instead since old people tend to get alot of aches.

For the working adult, I feel gift vouchers should suffice if you are REALLY clueless on what to get. Unless it is your other half we are talking about here then you better be more creative. Though I’m sure guys won’t really mind vouchers.

If you want to get something meaningful but have no idea, then it’s time to stalk this person online or offline. You may browse through their blog or Facebook account to get an idea of their preferences. Who knows, if you are lucky, some hints can be found there too.

Never ever get clothing because sizing can be a real pain in the ass and people tend to be more fussy too. Unless it’s a certain brand they like and its a T-shirt (you can never go wrong with a T-shirt) then it’s fine. This is also where gift cards and vouchers come into place, like your friend loves H&M but you don’t really know her style. Then just grab a gift card for her, she will appreciate it.

If you are planning to get jewelry, always get something classic or a symbol/icon which you know the recipient loves. For example, I have a girlfriend who likes snowflakes, so I’m safe if I give her anything snowflakes. It won’t make sense to get her accessories in heart shape.

Fragrances are fine for those closer to you because you will know their signature scent. Does he like it light and refreshing or dark and musky? She loves fruity scents then you can get something from the likes of Anna Sui or DKNY. Don’t get her something musky if that’s not her style.

If you have cash to spare, then the latest IT gadget would be great. No one would turn down an Ipad mini or Galaxy Note II.

Stocking stuffers – Candy, chocolate and even the gingerbread man cookies etc are all safe bets unless you have a diabetic or lactose-intolerant recipient. Noone is going to complain about the extra calories during the festive season. Besides, what harm could ONE cookie do?

You could also get hand creams for the ladies or a novelty pen for the guys. Afterall, no matter what, a pen is still something practical. And every woman could use some hand cream, especially if you are working in an office where the air-con dehydrates your hands. Etude House has some real cute hand creams you should check out.

Avoid mugs because how many mugs does one really need, seriously? Some people frown on towels but these are practical items. So why not? Check out these cute towel cakes below:

Basically, when it comes to shopping for Christmas presents. Just put some effort and lots of common sense into it.

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