The Body Shop’s Home Fragrance

I’m a fan of TBS’s home fragrance and I’ve bought a couple of items for my place. My favorite would be their body, room & linen spritzes. They are like body mists but you can use them for your room or linen or even on your own body. However, I’ve been using it mainly for my home as the idea of smelling like my bedroom or linen doesn’t quite sit well with me.

One of my favorite 2 scents would be the Aloe & Soft Linen body, room & linen spritz.

I love this on my bedsheets or even in my wardrobe, because it smells of fresh, clean linens. Now, who can resist the scent of fresh linens, right?

My other favorite scent would be the Pomegranate & Raspberry body, room & linen spritz.

Who knew the combination of these 2 fruits could smell so good? It’s sweet and fruity scent energizes me and I won’t mind using this as a body mist too. It’s great for freshening up the loo after someone let down a stink bomb.

Other than these sprays, I also enjoy a little aromatherapy in the comforts of my home. I used to have a number of personal favorites like Grapefruit and Oceanus, however, these have been discontinued and replaced with a new range of other scents that compliment the spritzes.

I would say I’m quite a bore when it comes to essential oils so I stick to the classic Lavender which is known to calm and relax the senses. Furthermore, lavender is known to be a natural insect repellent. As I have a newborn at home and mozzies bites are not something we both look forward to. My pet dog also benefits from the lavender essential oil as its known to repel against ticks.

I’ve also purchased the Satsuma essential oil but have yet to try it. However, I’ve used the shower gel before and it smells very citrus. I was hoping that this could be a substitute for citronella which is another tick repellent.

Anyway, another reason why I frequent The Body Shop for my home fragrance buys is due to their very affordable prices. The spritzes are only S$19.90 for 100ml while the essential oils cost only S$10.90 for 10ml.

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