My Trial & Error with Diapers

It has been a long time since I wore sanitary pads since the switch to tampons. Unfortunately for a baby, there’s no other option when it comes to diapers. And so, like most new parents, hubby and I have been trying out a number of brands in bid to see which one fits our little one best.

Just to share my views on a bunch of brands we have tried out.

1) PAMPERS NEW BABY (Fairprice S$0.39/pc) – We have tried size S only which is for babies 3-8kg. It’s of a comfortable size and fit though still a tad bit long for baby whose around 4.5kg now. But no major issues and no leakages experienced at all.

I love the wetness indicator on the front. I don’t need to peek into his diapers to see if he has done his ones or twos. The indicator would show if the diaper is wet or not. And because it is thin (think of slimfit sanitary pads), you will know if the diaper is soaked with pee from just the look and feel of it. However, the interior stays dry due to its 12 hours high absorbency properties.

We managed to get 8 packs at the Parenthood Expo recently at S$10 each which is S$8.90 cheaper than usual. Now, that’s a steal. I can’t wait for the next sale.

2) MAMYPOKO (Fairprice S$0.33/pc) – Another premium brand diapers just like Pampers, costing more than S$0.30 a pc. S for 3-8kg babies. I guess both Pampers & Mamypoko are our personal favorites. It’s thicker than Pampers and the size is about the same. Because despite heavy urine flow, the diaper still remains dry. The interior feels very soft and comfortable.

3) DRYPERS (Fairprice S$0.21/pc) – The size S for this is for babies 3-7kg & run generally small when compared with the S sizes for Pampers & Mamypoko. My baby would be able to fit in M size. Its a decent diaper which I find affordable & good for day usage. It’s price is close to Petpet’s which is a cheaper alternative. Therefore, I prefer to use Drypers as my day diapers.

4) PETPET (Fairprice S$0.19/pc) – Cheapest of the lot, it’s a reasonably decent diaper which most parents seem to like it. However, not all babies can take it and some develop rashes. But its so cheap, there’s no harm in trying it out. If your baby is fine with it, you can use it as a day diaper.

5) HUGGIES (Fairprice S$0.29/pc) –  We got to try this out at the hospital and it was not bad. I would say somewhere in between the premium and cheaper options.

There are more brands available in the market, I’m hoping to try out Merries soon and review. :)

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