My Obsession with Wet Wipes

My obsession with wet wipes started out when I first discovered powder wipes in Hongkong. Due to the hot, humid weather during summer, I was perspiring as I shopped around the streets. And then I found my savior; the Biore Sara Sara Powder Wipes. These sheets are not only cool and refreshing, it also leaves your skin feeling clean and dry after usage.

Now that I am a mommy, I am obsessed over other types of wet wipes. In fact, there’s a wet wipe for everything nowadays; from tooth wipes to pacific wipes. There’s the essential wipes for cleaning butts and then there’s the handy wet tissues for any type of emergencies.

For the breastfeeding mom, there’s the soothing breast wipes by The First Years. I found these exceptionally handy especially for breastfeeding on the go outside. Sometimes breastfeeding can get messy when baby chokes, spits up or the breasts leaks.

They also have a pacifier wipe for the busy mommy on the go. Sometimes, baby spits his pacifier onto the ground and there’s no toilet in sight. So these wipes really do come in handy.

Other than the usual baby wet wipes for cleaning baby’s butt, I’ve discovered Nivea’s baby soft & cream wipes. This can not only be used for cleaning butts but also gentle enough for baby’s face. It smells great and is also moisturizing on baby’s sensitive skin. However, it doesn’t come cheap at S$6.90 for a pack of 63 pieces. But still worth the price in my opinion, I use this on baby when he spits up milk. Because wiping with a normal towel can be quite messy and sticky. And if I don’t have a tap facility within my reach, baby’s face wouldn’t be properly clean. So these wipes do the job for me.

And Watson’s unscented wet tissues are my personal favorite. So much so that I leave a packet in several spots around the house. They are so convenient and I use them on myself, on baby, on my table, sofa and the list goes on!

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