A Whale Theme Baby Shower

So we had our baby shower aka full month party during the weekend, it was held at the in-law’s place. Thankfully, there wasn’t strong winds or a storm, nor was the weather too scorching hot. Thus, making it comfortable for my guests to enjoy their food without any fan/aircon by the corridor.

My party’s theme was whales; cute whales to be exact. And I didn’t have the luxury of finances or time to do a really cool theme party like how they do in the US. But here’s some pictures to show how I tried to keep up with the theme.

My party banner –

My party favors were not whale-theme but still very baby shower appropriate in a traditonal manner. Since the chinese like to associate such an event with eggs; red eggs to be specific. So I had scented soaps in the shape of eggs.

That’s Mocha, the Guardian of the Party Favors

I did a handmade THANK YOU card to go with the Sticky THANK YOU sweets.

Ain’t the eggs cute? Well, wait till you see his customized jelly cake.

 It’s such a shame to have to cut through it.

Not to forget that the little darling had a whale themed romper too. Unfortunately, it did not survive the day since he had bad reflux and puked out all the milk he drank in the noon. :(

We were really tired by evening and I couldn’t really talk much to my guests because I was busy going in and out feeding him. Little rascals was having 1-2 hourly feeds on that day. We stayed clear of the formula milk after he vomited and stuck to breastfeeding throughout the day.

Little boy was blessed with all these gifts and many red packets making him richer than mommy and daddy now. LOL!

You know, if I had the resources, I won’t mind having these other cute whale themed party items. Do check them out…

Whale cookies!!!

Whale cake! So absolutely adorable, right?

 How bout 3D whale cupcakes???

Whale baby shower balloon bouquet looks good too.

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