Day 6 of being a mom

It’s my expected due date today but bubs arrived early. So I’ve been a mom for 6 days since. We had our doctor appointment today for mommy and baby, and thank God, everything is fine. Baby has slight jaundice but it’s nothing serious, so we need not worry nor do anything about it. Bubs also managed to put on 400g in a matter of 3 days.

Today was also our first shopping outing together. Yeah, screw those stupid confinement rules. It’s dumb to stay indoors all the time. We were out from 10am to 8pm, a little longer than anticipated but we had so many errands to run. I had so much stuff to buy, we finally got our cot & stuff. I managed to carry bubs around the WHOLE day because I had the help of my pupsilk pouch in which he slept so soundly for most of the day.

In fact, I stayed cool outside as compared to indoors. And its not like I do not have the aircon switched on at his home. I guess its the joy of being outdoors and connected to the outside world. Sadly, I’ll have to stay indoors for another 3 weeks more. And it can get so warm and humid at times despite having the aircon or fan on.

I can’t wait to return to the privacy of my own home once this is all over. And so the countdown begins; another 23 days more to book out day. If you are keen on reading about confinement myths and all the bullshit, check out this LINK. Because I don’t believe in most of the crap which the ignorant believes in. Yes, the mother should rest but some of the rules are really ridiculous.┬áThe Chinese are against showering (Yucks, stinky poor hygiene folks) while the Indians require daily baths. You don’t see them or the westerners suffering just cause they were sane enough to stay hygienic after giving birth.

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