[Review] Etude House Pink Bird Pink Box August – Dolly Eyes

When you talk about dolly eyes or a dolly look, the Japanese Gyaru look comes to mind. However, when it comes to how the Korean stars do up their makeup, I’m seeing a different trend. They have strong, thick brows and they always use black eyeliner! I’m not much of a fan of black but I am always open to experimenting new colors.

Check out Sandara Park & the Brown Eyed Girls’ eye makeup. Their makeup does open up and widens those pretty peepers.

I am still a klutz at makeup so I don’t think I can easily replicate their look but I’ll try. This month’s pink box was filled with lovely new products for Korea’s fall collection. Just check it out :

Everything you need to achieve those large, doll-like eyes.

Lovely, gorgeous eyeshadow palette to look out for. Just check out the packaging, it’s so dollish and girly!

How to use this?

1. Apply the lighest shade #1 Girlish Beige tone to entire upper eyelid.

2. Graduate #2 Cute Brown tone to the central part of the eyelid.

3. Use shadow tip to apply and graduate #3 Shadow Brown, the darkest shade along the eye line.

We also have the Lash Perm 3 Step Volumecara which is a unique mascara with 3 steps, from PURE & INNOCENT DOLLY EYES (Define, clean volume (step 1)) to LOVELY DOLLY EYES  (Full, glamorous volume (step 2)) to PARTY DOLLY EYES (Dramatic, smoky volume (step 3)).

The mascara bottle has 3 steps indicators on it, for different lash definitions. With Step 3 being the most volumous one for a party look.

Just twist it according for the type of volume you wish to achieve.

We also have a few liners in the Pink Box to further accentulate the big eyed look. Check out these liners:

Cream eye liner in a pot

Dot liner which I am using to do up my big eyes look.

Also check out this lipstick that is of a pretty, dolly-inspired shade:

This is how it looks like on my lips, its a sweet shade for a lovely, casual day out.

For my eyes, I used these 3 products!

The Dolly 3 Steps Eyeshadow Palette in BR401 Purity Doll, Lash Perm 3 Step Volumecara & the Dot Liner in BK801. Then I realized, I had lost my eyelash curler and because I am always in false eyelashes. I never had a need to use a curler till today when I was trying on the Volumecara!

I know the lashes do not look that prominent but this mascara is really great and easy to use. I love the brush because it managed to coat my lower lashes without smudging at all. There have been some other brands of mascaras which I’d tried and I never fail to get bits of mascara on my lower eyelid when using it. However, this Etude House Lash Perm 3 Step Volumecara was really very user-friendly!

The photos do it no justice partly because I did not manage to curl my lashes and I have lashes which naturally point downwards. But you can see it did lengthened and also created much volume for my lashes in the above photo. I used Step 3: PARTY DOLLY LOOK for this.

To take nicer photos, I decided to add on a pair of false eyelashes. There’s no hard and fast rules when it comes to makeup. And I know of many ladies who use both false eyelashes on top of their mascara-clad lashes for a more defined and dolly look. This is great for clubbing or a night out makeup image!

There you have it, my dolly eyes look with Etude House products :)

BTW, I love the Lip & Eye Makeup remover, I thought it would leave my lids feeling oily but it didn’t. In fact, I could easily apply a new layer of makeup on. This a decent makeup remover that is worth trying. To my delight, it removes the Volumecara with much ease.

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