Do you even need a feminine wash? Lactacyd Intimate Wash

I received this lovely parcel from Lactacyd featuring their 2 new products.

I was first introduced to this brand and the whole concept of feminine care a year back. You can read up my experience with Lactacyd products HERE.

And if you have been watching TV lately, you would have seen the new Lactacyd commercial showcasing it’s latest addition to the series – Lactacyd White Intimate.

S$2.50 for 60ml / S$13.90 for 250ml

This is the first lightening intimate wash introduced in Singapore. You know how tight underwear and clothing can cause perspiration and excess friction which then results in the darkening of the intimate areas. This can appear very unsightly when you’re trying to look good in that little bikini.

Now, you have the answer to your woes. Lactacyd White Intimate contains marine-based Algowhite, plant-based Actipone-B ingredients and milk-based Lactoserum/Lactic acid. It is also dermatogically tested safe to be used for the intimate area.

It has been proven that skin lightening of the intimate area is experienced after 4 weeks of usage. It is recommended that you use a thumb-sized amount twice daily to see results.

Also making its debut is the Lactacyd Revitalize, a youth reviving feminine wash. It contains natural ingredients such as Vitamin E, Collagen and Trehalose.

S$2.50 per 60ml / S$13.90 per 250ml

It has been proven to be effective in firming and moisturizing the intimate areas with its anti-aging and hydrating ingredients.

So as I was saying, I first learnt all about feminine care when I was given a set of Lactacyd products to try a year back. After finishing up the samples I was given, I left it at that. I thought to myself, I don’t really need this. Maybe just occasionally?

Then I got pregnant and learnt through the hard way that yeast infection was a very common and normal symptom of pregnancy. I was horrified, why was this happening? Apparently, my pregnancy is causing a higher than normal level of estrogen which then produces more glycogen in my vagina, making it even easier for yeast to breed. I went to the doctors and was recommended to get a feminine wash to keep the pH balance down south.

That was when I thought of Lactacyd and wished that I had continued using it religiously. I could have possibly prevented the occurrence of this nuisance ailment. I feel embarrassed enough that I had to ‘come out of the closet’ and share about this infection I’d faced. But just know that yeast infection is very common, even among non-pregnant women. So you should always use a feminine wash, even if you are not comfortable doing it daily, then just use it on alternate days or weekly to keep the pH at the area below balanced.

Just my 2 cents 😉

You can head down to the Lactacyd Facebook Page to redeem a FREE trial kit to sample these new products!

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