Winners of the 2B Alternative Face Serum

Thank you to all participants for your patience, I’m sorry that I took so long to reveal the winners. But it was a really tough pick.

If your name is in the list below, well, congrats! Please send me your details to:

Please state your name, mailing address & Facebook name. Do note mailing out of prizes will take approx. 3-4 weeks. Hope you understand that I can get busy with work and other stuff. So once again, thanks for the patience!

Now, drum rolls please!!!

Winners for the giveaway

Elaine Chang

Quek CH

Lee Xing

Tessa Liu

Stephen Tan

Sheryl Chan

Sonia Lee

Cindy Wee

Josephine Ng

Charismatic Chiro

If your name is not in the list, don’t get too upset. I will have other giveaways coming up real soon. Thanks for participating :)

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